Kevin Reems
Jack of many trades, master of none. Often better, than a master of one.
Solid Driver
Solid Driver is all about being a professional and profitable rideshare driver.
Kevin's WorkShop
This site shows some of the projects I've completed over the years.
Topics include:
Carpentry, mechanics, small electronics, electrical wiring, various installations, automotive, motorcycles, building, leather craft, home repair and a variety of others.
Nuclear Playground
One of my hobbies is computer programming. Here are my games and applications.
I also do my own web development. All of my websites were written by me in HTML/PHP and/or Javascript. The exception being GDR which is based on phpBB although I have made a number of modifications.
Game Developer's Refuge
I am the current admin for the GDR. This is a forum for independent game developers and enthusiast who follow the progress of various projects as they're created.
Topics include:
Game development on all platforms, 3D modeling, 2D graphics, music, sound effects engineering, new technologies, and anything geeky.
I have always had a love for photography. Although for me it's primarily a hobby. I have actually began using Photoshop long before I got into photography for use with computer graphics.
Here is my Facebook Profile. The Motorcycle album has some additional photography which I have taken during my many rides to various places.
My YouTube Channel. Here too, you will find a lot of motorcycle related content. Most of these were shot with camera(s) mounted to my helmet and/or bike. I do all of the video editing as well.